ask your customers for photoscustomers follow simple stepsyou receive your photos and report
Request, Receive, Report

Collaboration made easy. That's the basis of IADUS's simple approach to retrieving photos and information from customers.

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IADUS delivers the photos you actually want

Send a request, receive photos and files, and generate a report in under 5 minutes. Cut down the wait time and misunderstanding when requesting info from customers.

Ideal for Insurance Brokers, Landlords, Property Managers, Lawyers and Accountants

Why Choose IADUS?


Designed to scale and operate smoothly on any screen size from computer monitors to mobile devices.


Built to accommodate any remote inspection and documentation process.

User Friendly

IADUS is simple to use and easy to set up with an intuitive interface for streamlined navigation.

White Label

Create your own branded version of requests and reports. Boost brand visibility and word-of-mouth referrals.

IADUS screenshots

Customizable reports make for fast decisions

Our application ensures you get only the information you need, and the photographic perspectives you require, in minutes!

For businesses who care about protecting assets and getting accurate field-based information, only IADUS allows users to immediately request and receive photos and documents from clients located on-site.

From your computer, define a required information set, or choose from pre-defined specs suitable to insurance, construction, property management and other industries. On-site users receive a text message that walks them through the process of collecting the information via their mobile device.

The Best Solution for Your Business

Image and Document Upload Service (IADUS) is built from the ground up to serve the needs of asset management organizations. Until now, the process of inspecting, maintaining, and auditing field assets was costly, taking too much time and money to achieve.

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