IADUS Benefits


Accommodates many remote inspection and documentation needs for a variety of industries.


Automatically adjusts to any screen size from computers and laptops, to tablets and phones.

Library of Sample Images

Pre-configured sample image sets in a variety of categories like auto, hvac, property and more.

User Friendly

Easy to use and navigate, IADUS is intuitive and fast on any computer device.


Easily modify request and report specifications to suit your needs and industry.

Dramatic ROI

Reduce waiting and take the cost and friction out of customer reporting.


Get images forms and data fast, even from remote locations. Photographic submissions include authenticated geographic, timestamp, and user information automatically.

Finance & Law

Collect asset information anywhere on Earth via SMS submissions. Collection includes authenticated spatial, date and credentialed agent meta data.


Streamline jobsite reporting. Request job site photos and delivery manifest documentation, submitted in customizable reporting format via automated text messaging system.


Mobilize your repair process. Review maintenance requests and estimate repairs without travel. Simply ask for photos to get a single PDF inspection report with images.

Property MGMT

Make property inspections and repair audits right from your desk. Collect property condition reports in minutes. No more messing about with photos on your phone.

"Take a photo that looks like this"

IADUS is the one application that will show your customers exactly what you're asking for.

IADUS is an intelligent asset reporting application. Users define what pictures are needed as part of a quick and simple process. Once the submission requirements are defined, just choose a mobile number from your list of contacts and send the request.

Recipients get a text message and simply hit the link to begin the collection process, taking pictures as prompted by the system, or submitting files. Once all items are uploaded and processed, the system notifies the parties that the collection is complete.

Example Scenario: Tenant Reports a Broken Door

example photo request and customer's response

Property Managers need to know the conditions before making any decision. Adding travel time to the process only adds friction and cost.

Having immediate access to photographic evidence is crucial:

IADUS defines and retrieves detailed and accurate site inspections, delivering fast answers in a format you can use to make good decisions.

Property managers and claims adjustors can push custom inspection requests to customers and tenants for fast and convenient submission to IADUS servers. As soon as the required documentation and photos are uploaded, the IADUS Asset Intelligence Reports are delivered in PDF format to predetermined emails or file folders.

Get asset or property inspections in seconds from people in-the-field and deliver tailored reports suited to decision-making personnel.

IADUS helps develop trust between insurance company and the insured, and between tenant and landlord.

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